Supper White Quartz – Pental


Manufacturing process

Raw Materials – Pental Quartz is a composite of 90 to 93% natural quartz, plus pigments and a polymer resin binder.

Mixing – Theses materials are mixed together using a pre-calculated formula, and spread into specific sized molds.

Compression & Kiln – The slabs are cast using an exclusive and patented technology called the ‘Vibrocompression Vacuum Process’. This compresses the materials under 100 tons of pressure, resulting in an impenetrable surface. The slabs are then transferred into the kiln for curing at 90O C for 45 minutes.

Finishing – The slab’s surface is finished to achieve either a satin, honed, or polished look.

Quality Control – Slabs are checked to ensure each piece meets our strict quality standards.


Resistant to high temps – up to 300F

Non-porous surface is resistant to water, bacteria, and mold



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